Brain Craft LLC

Individualized Education Solutions


Founded in the spring of 2009, Brain Craft exists to help the Nashville community find solutions for its education needs.

Not simply a tutoring provider, and not simply a professional development provider, Brain Craft differs from other services because it exists to help find long-term education solutions, to feature various commentaries by professional educators, to openly discuss education issues, and to summarize cutting edge education research on this website.



Our Mission Statement:

      “Brain Craft exists to provide

      individualized education solutions for

      students, families, and organizations.”

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Helpful Education Links:

  1. Moving to Nashville and need to find a school?

        Visit the Metro Nashville Public Schools home page, or visit the link to the Magnet School page.

        Visit the Private School Listing by the Nashville Chamber of Commerce for local private schools.

  1. Looking for local education or enrichment programs for families?

        The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere has a wonderful education department for schools, clubs, and families.

        The Renaissance Center in Dickson, TN has many enrichment opportunities; see the class search page.

  1. National websites featuring science and brain research in relation to education:

        Inside the Teenage Brain - PBS website supplementing the “frontline: inside the teenage brain” program

        A Work in Progress - Harvard Magazine’s 9/2008 article on brain development from years 0-20s - a list of articles for educators and families; also see their main site.

        Science Daily - the Mind & Brain page; copious, so search specifically for education.

• National websites covering various topics for students with learning differences and exceptional learners:

        TN State Board of Education - for information about current public school issues.

        T.I.G.E.R. - TN Initiative for Gifted Education Reform website for more information.

        LD Online - the goto site for beginning information on ADHD and other learning differences. - another site with general information for students with special needs and families.

Brain Craft believes that homework tutoring is merely a bandage, just one part of First-Aid, and is not a strategy designed to solve problems.  Brain Craft also believes that schools occasionally need third-party assistance to implement cutting edge educational strategies.

Whether you are a middle or high school student who has identified a need for extra reading instruction, a student who needs help with organization or time-management, a small-business trying to find the time to train employees, or a family trying to find the best way to maximize schedules, contact Brain Craft to begin a consultation.

Schedule a consultation today by contacting askbraincraft @